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Wacko gets Jacko’d

michael_jackson.jpgThis just proves that when you’re a famous celebrity with deep pockets, you can be sued for almost anything. And that’s what’s happening to Michael Jackson: The family of a Manuela Gomez Ruiz is suing both Jackson and the Marian Medical Center, claiming that the hospital’s VIP treatment of the pop star two years ago resulted in the death of Ruiz, a 73-year-old woman under the hospital’s care.

The complaint blames Jackson and the hospital for the “outrageous, circus-like atmosphere they orchestrated during the last hours of Manuela Ruiz’s life and its obvious emotional and mental lasting effects upon the plaintiffs.” They allege “intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, elder abuse, false imprisonment and conspiracy.”

The events took place two years ago, during Jackson’s trial for child molestation charges. At one point, as you may recall, Jackson was admitted into the hospital for flu-like symptoms. According to the plaintiffs, Jackson falsely exhibited flu-like symptoms to avoid court that day and, ultimately, “hijack” the services of the hospital. As a result, Ruiz — who was admitted for a heart attack earlier in the day and was already in critical condition and on life support — was hastily removed from life support and switched into another hospital room, to accommodate Jackson’s need for a private one.

Ruiz apparently also had another heart attack later in the day, but they claim that the crowds delayed her arrival at the critical care unit. Ruiz died later that day. The attorney for the family is claiming that they waited two years to file suit because they didn’t want to jump on the “Michael-Jackson bashing boat.”

Now, c’mon: Really?! This woman was 73-years-old, suffered two heart attacks, and was on life support. Did Michael Jackson’s presence really hasten her death? The woman was on her last legs, and the plaintiffs aren’t even alleging wrongful death. They are claiming that Jackson’s presence caused them severe emotional distress. Well, you know what: Having a mother die probably caused that emotional distress. And I’m assuming that the two-year wait had less to do with not wanting to jump on the “Michael Jackson bashing-boat,” and more to do with an ambulance chasing attorney coming out of the woodworks, seeing an opportunity to cash in.

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i couldnt have said it better myself.

We here in the uk have a saying and its .

ONLY IN AMERICA. only there can you get sued for such stupidness.

MAN its about time michael hit back and sued these sorry people and make them broke.

FOR no other reason than to send a signal out that enough is enough and NO MORE.

i mean come on this suit is riddiculous.