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Whatever Happened to ‘Talking It Out?’

60019042.JPGSo, you turn to your wife and the mother of your children and say, “I”m going to kill you,” and then you stab her in the side, in the chest, above the eye, and on top the head, and then you run like hell. You’re eventually brought up on criminal charges. What’s your defense?

Haydar Guvec of Enfield, told police he accidentally cut his wife with a knife he had taken to the school as he was hoping to see his four-year-old son and peel an apple for him.

Accidentally cut his wife? Seven times, before the knife broke off in her flesh?

Fortunately, the wife survived. And it could’ve been worse, I suppose: A Nashville woman, upset with the way her roommate braided her hair, demanded that she redo it. When she refused, the woman shot her.