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What’d the Australian teacher’s five fingers say to the student’s face?


“I’m legal, beeyatch!”

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Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that classroom.

That's...just horrible.

Because there ARE going to be teachers who send kids sprawling/cause brain damage and call it "readjustment". I'd like to think this wouldn't fly here because we're a society that embraces the idea of eggshell skulls.

Sigh. I'm really old. When I was in school, corporal punishment was still allowed. And it sucked if you got your ass paddled. But Kat, in all those years of mind-numbing discipline and regimentation, I never heard of teachers throwing students across the room and damaging their brains. I'm not advocating slapping students around, but trying to turn a slap on the face into the Inquisition or Dachau is just plain silly.


You may not have heard of it. But I also reckon you didn't hear of a lot of things. In my mother's tenure at Catholic school in the 50's and 60's, she encountered: teachers putting straight pins under students' wrists to ensure proper arch during piano lessons; children being turned over to the state mental institutions because they were identified as gay; children getting molested; children being locked up until they peed themselves.

And I didn't turn it into Dauchau or the Inquisition; I said that this is the sort of allowance that leads to abuse of power, and a general dehumanizing of students.

Ummmm, Kat? I hope you don't think that those things aren't going on any longer. You could very well be wrong. Just sayin...

G'day, mates! Let the pimp-slapping commence!