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Oh, come on - he’s just a romantic!

romance2.jpgSixty-year-old Warren Robinson was already having a bad day, coming into court to face a domestic violence charge. But things got worse when he wound up being arrested and charged with bribery. That’s because, when he showed up for his hearing, he handed an envelope to Judge Charles Cofer’s assistant. In the envelope was $100 and a three page letter asking for his case to be dismissed

During the first hearing on the bribery charge, the judge made light of the offer, asking the prosecutor: “How much favoritism did he reasonably feel he’d receive for only $100? … Was this more an inappropriate gesture than bribery?”

But here’s the thing — the note in the envelope also said:

Please accept this little token of gratitude and appreciation towards me. P.S. Take your wife out to dinner on me on Valentine’s Day.

So, what — a wife-beater can’t try to spark a little romance for a judge and his wife? What’s our world coming too?