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What an unbelievable prick

dlugi.jpgA New Jersey doctor is suing his 15-year-old neighbor because he’s a prick. And an idiot. See, back in 2003, when the girl was just 11 years old, she was roller-blading down the street. The good doctor, Alexander Dlugi, was on the same street riding his bike. He was coming up from behind her, and rang his bell and yelled “watch out!” He alleges that the girl (who was, let me remind you, eleven) reacted “unreasonably” and caused a collision between them. So he sued her for negligence, to get money for his pain and suffering, and the case is currently at trial.

When I read this account, the first thing I thought was, “well the prick was behind her, why didn’t he just fucking go around?” And I’m not the only one - on Wednesday an accident reconstruction specialist testified that the prick sorry, Doctor Prick, could’ve avoided the accident by just riding around her.

I mean, this guy sounds like a friggin’ retard. Your options are: (a) quietly ride around the girl in front of you; or (b) start making noise and yelling out, sure to startle an 11-year-old, while holding steadfast to your straight-ahead path. And he goes with option B?

The scariest thing of all is that Doctor Prick is a fertility doctor. He helps folks bring new children into the world, and one wonders what kind of terrible decisions he makes doing that.

But at least I understand why he’s a fertility doctor – so he can help create additional people to sue!