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As Mel does, so does every Scottish male?

braveH.jpgOk, this is a story from Scotland, but it’s too amusing to not share (particularly because it’s about the type of stupidity us Americans like to keep all to ourselves).

On January 30, 32-year-old Richard Power was stopped by cops at a drunk-driving checkpoint. It was about 3 a.m., and the cops found that his blood-alcohol limit was about double the legal limit.

He apparently went home, slept it off, and then went out to booze some more because he was busted for a DUI again that same night. At 8 p.m., Power was stopped again. On the exact same road. With a blood-alcohol level tripple the legal limit.

He was in court on Wednesday and got a verbal lashing from the Sheriff (who appears to be the sentence issuer in Scotland).

And get this: Power lives in a caravan park. It’s totally the Scottish version of middle-America white trash. Fantastic.