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What a sunuvabitch

josef-fritzl.jpgSeventy-three-year-old Josef Fritzl, an Austrian, is a fucking scumbag. This Vincent Price-looking bastard kept his daughter captive in a dank cellar for 24 years, only speaking to her, for the most part, when he would come down to rape her. He fathered seven children with his poor daughter, and would often rape her in front of their kids.

Wearing a mismatched gray suit and hiding his face behind a folder as the trial began, Josef Fritzl pleaded guilty to incest and false imprisonment, but he denied enslaving his daughter Elisabeth or murdering her newborn son. He pleaded only partially guilty to additional counts of rape and coercion.
The 73-year-old Fritzl faces up to life in prison if convicted of the negligent homicide charge, which stems from the death of the 2-day-old baby boy, who investigators contend might have survived if he had gotten medical care. Incest, by contrast, carries only a one-year sentence.

The AP story has more of the despicible details, if you’re interested. But get this — Fritzl’s shitheel of a lawyer makes the following argument to counter the contention that Fritzl is a monster:

Fritzl’s lawyer, Rudolf Mayer, said his client regretted his actions and insisted he was “not a monster,” even bringing his captives a Christmas tree.
“If you just want to have sex, you don’t have children,” Mayer said. “As a monster, I’d kill all of them downstairs.”

See — he’s not a monster! He’s just a scumbag asshole with an idiot asshole for a lawyer.

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I don't know - as a lawyer, I was brainstorming about ways that his lawyer could have possibly tried to defend him, and honestly - I couldn't come up with a better argument. Common law systems are all about advocacy, even if you know the client is guilty. You still have a duty to defend the client to the best of your ability, or else the system doesn't work.

Jeez o pete, why doesn't he just claim that "she wanted it" and that she "asked for it" and that her behavior caused him to do all this? This guys belongs in a dungeon, chained to a wall with nothing but bread and water for the rest of his life. Instead they are shipping him to a hospital. Go figure.

Too true dawn. He may as well just have said "if she didn't like it, she shouldn't have been born".

This is one of those situations where I would not be unhappy if vigilante justice reared its head.

I know this story easily inspires anger, but isn't it pretty obvious that the guy is mentally ill and that a high security hospital is where he belongs?

PaddyDog, he may be mentally ill, but you're forgetting about one of the four principles of criminal law, namely "retribution." (The others being deterrence, rehabilitation, and protection (keeping someone off the street)?)

Then again, maybe not.

Why do we assume that anyone who does something that we would find repugnant is mentally ill? There is a difference between mentally ill and EVIL (or just bad, if you prefer to keep religious connotations out of it). This guy ran a double life for over 20 years without anyone suspecting what was going on...that speaks of a highly organized, competent person. He wasn't "ill" until he got caught.