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Gotham Streets to Be Safe Once Again

fat-batman.jpgWell, thank goodness:

Judge dismisses charges against Batman

Walsh Ian Nichols, a Tampa-area man, had been arrested last fall for wearing a Batman mask (advantage, Florida). While eating sushi (game, Florida). And he was arrested because a state law forbids wearing a mask on any public right of way (set, match, Florida).

Oh, but hang on there, Florida — you don’t get to win this one. Because a county judge has dismissed the misdemeanor charge against Nichols and ordered that his custom mask be returned, because the law in question only applies when the mask-wearer is committing a crime or violating someone’s civil rights.

Fight on Batman, fight on!

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New York also has a law against going about masked in a public place. When I was a young Asst. Dist. Atty, a security camera caught a family of raccoons breaking into a refrigerator in the courthouse. I suggested we charge them with burglary, larceny, going about masked in a public place and being members of an organized crime family.