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We’ve secretly replaced the water in NC with Dumb Fuckerade…let’s see if they notice.

wtf.bmpFolks, I know you’re used to the smarmy and downright hilarious stuff we interject into these stories … but DAMNIT if the level of rampant stupidity in this article doesn’t speak for itself.

Apparently Billy Bob and Jenny May let little Bobby Sue marry skeevey Mr. Wuchae and now have the monumental balls to sue the Brunswick County Board of Edumacation for not doing enough to protect their precious angel. Silly School Board, making parents think they’re responsible for their own kids.

Oh, lest I forget, they “reluctantly signed” a consent form allowing their 16-year-old daughter to marry the 40 year old man … it must have been one of those “We reserve the right to sue you if we realize what colossal fuck up’s we are”, consent forms. I’m really not sure who’s she better off with at this point, the brain dead parents or the pedophile.

Yeah, that was my head exploding this time.

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My boyfriend was telling me about this yesterday, and I told him that there was no way this story was true, and that he must have misread it. I owe someone an appology.

Good god. Every time I turn around, some idiot is making the rest of us normals N. Carolinians look like a bag of rusty nails.

Remember, that was on the coast. Us mountain folk let 'em get married, and the shoot the fucker. YEEEEEEEE-HAW.

The comments on the page below, RE this story, are scary in a 'damn, this sounds a little too much like Catholic priests defending their paedophile flock':


Let God decide? Let's not.