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Lawyers say the darndest things

radarScreen.jpgDown in Utah, a 19-year-old man (who is also the son of a polygamist already in the clink) was sentenced to 6 months in the clink for having sex with a 13-year-old-girl he met on MySpace. While he was charged with rape, he eventually pled out to two counts of misdemeanor sexual battery.

But the man’s attorney, who actually prosecuted his father for bigamy and failure to pay child support, says the man was just a victim of being raised in an environment where age wasn’t an integral issue in sexual relations. And then the lawyer said this:

He’s a remorseful kid. He’s married and has full-time work. I think you’ll see this is a blip on the radar screen.

I think I get attorney David Leavitt’s point here, but how about a little sensitivity for the fact that your client was just sentenced for having sex with a thirteen-year-old girl? If that’s just a “blip on the radar screen,” remind me to never go to Utah. Like, ever.

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13 year olds aren't so innocent these days. one of my friends cousins who's borderline mentally disabled was given head by a 13 year old (her idea) and her 16 year old sister got jealous and reported it and now he's a registered sex offender because some undisciplined school girl thought it'd be cool to suck him off.

Well, snarla, since one thirteen-year-old you know of didn't make a great decision (greatly compounded in its effects by the actions of her sixteen-year-old sister and what for lack of supplied details I have to call the legal system), then CLEARLY all thirteen-year-olds probably aren't "innocent" and therefore deserve whatever sexual misconduct they may encounter. Fucking sluts, they had it coming.

I mean, seriously -- what the HELL kind of a response is that to this post?