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West Allis, Wisconsin Has No Sense of Fun

tractor.JPGTheresa Crivello and Jim House love Halloween. Every year, they set up a fancy display (fancy by Wisconsin standards, anyway) outside of their house with hay, big pumpkins, and a big red tractor. The tractor was built by Allis Chalmers, a local company, and the one on display outside of Crivello and House’s home has been passed down by their families for generations and is apparently a popular thing around town. In fact:

“We’ve had people come from around the country to take pictures with it. That amazed us.”

But it’s not so popular with the city of West Allis. Even though the couple has displayed the tractor for years, they’ve now been hit with a letter telling them that it violates a local ordinance forbidding vehicles from being parked on the front lawn. So they have to remove from its current display, or likely face fines. Mayor Jeanette Bell says it’s a clear cut issue:

“Our ordinance is very clear about not parking vehicles on front lawns,” she said. “Our inspector doesn’t have the option of not enforcing that ordinance. In other words, he doesn’t have the option of looking the other way if the ordinance is being violated.”

However, the Mayor said that the Head of the Department of Building Inspections and Zoning has the discretion to give them a waiver on this, and Crivello is working on a letter asking for such a waiver.

But to play it safe, if you simply must have a photo of the shiny red tractor for yourself, I suggest you get yourself out to West Allis ASAP. Cause if they have to remove the tractor and you don’t get your photo, you just know you’ll be kicking yourself!

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I have been embroiled recently in cases like this. It usually boils down to some neighbor they have annoyed or pissed off who is now raising hell with the City Council. God I hate the McCoys almost as much as I hate the Hatfields.