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Fact: Most Men at One Time or Another Have Made Love to Another Dude

bathroom.jpgA huge hat tip to Wonkette for this find, but I just couldn’t let something this fantastic go unnoticed on an obscure, two-bit, dog-and-pony blog like theirs, not when QuizLaw can bring this nugget to the masses. In an article in The Columbian about Richard Curtis, the Republican legislator who paid a male prostitute to fuck him while Curtis wore women’s clothes, a woman named Reese Mackenzy left what must be the greatest comment ever written. Check it:

I’m so sick of the Demrat hypocrites hyping up this story. For God’s sake all Rep. Richard Curtis did is receive anal sex from another man. I live in his distict and we support his fight against the homosexual agenda. Most men at one time or another have made love to another dude (whether receptive anal as in Curtis’ case or offering another buddy oral as in Rep. bob Allen’s case). Big whoop. Both these men have a respectable history of protecting the sanctity of marriage and the assault on our culture by the Demrat homosexual agenda.
There is a big difference between men who have sex with other men for pleasure and still support the sanctity of family values and amoral Demrats who parade around like Barney Frank. Even Larry Craig has raised up wholesome kids and loves his wife, so who cares if he goes down on a guy in a toilet stall. It is about biblical values and raising non-pervert kids (like the Cheney’s) and the GOP is still #1 as far as integrity and values. You Demrats are so degenerate and gay that you have to slime people like Curtis with your alternative lifestyle choice.

That’s right, y’all. Who cares if a married guy goes down on another guy in a toilet stall? As long as you protect the sanctity of marriage, you’re all right in my book, too!

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Uhhh... wow. I think my brain actually had to stop working for a few seconds to finish reading that.

Because it's not gay to have anal sex with another dude so long as your kids don't do the same thing? What the hell?

I'm pretty sure that commenter was being sarcastic - especially given the reference to Cheney's "non-pervert" kids.

WTF ?!!

That made my poor aching head explode…'demrats' especially. Apparently my definition of 'gay' or 'homosexual' are different that this winner's…I always thought it was a person who had sex with people of the same sex because they enjoy it. Now I know that men receiving anal can do it to protect the sancity of marriage…and bring home the Missus a shiny new STD.

That HAD to be sarcastic.

It must be a Republican thing to believe that same-sex sex is not cheating on your significant other. My Republican boyfriend encourages me to do it all the time, and assures me that by doing it with another girl, I'm not cheating on him. (he's been unsuccessful, fyi)

three elle, you boyfriend is indeed wrong. It only counts as not cheating if he is able to witness the act, if not in person, then at least through some sort of recording medium.

As far as the comment, who let Coulter get ahold of her internet connection again?

My bad Vermillion...she some how convinced me to let her out of her box. I'm thinking its some evil Jedi mind trick.

C'mon, people. Ever heard of irony or sarcasm? It's just that here it's not that well done.

Well, the problem is that the sense of ignorance has become so great it has become unfathomable. This comment throws us for a spin because we believe it could be true. There was a time when we would go, 'this is so stupid it has to be fake.' Those days are over.

If it is fake, thank god and haha. But if it's real...

It's like we're going to argue with our idiot little brother but we know we can't win because he's just not smart enough to realize the falsity in his own arguments.