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We’re knights of the Round Table, we dance whene’er we’re able…

holy-grail-knights.jpgPolice in Salem, Oregon were perplexed when they found a suit of armor at a bus shelter. (No doubt — I think most folks would be perplexed finding a suit of armor just about anywhere outside of a stodgy mansion or museum.) The local media picked up on the story because, well, it’s not everyday cops find full knight-wear laying around.

Turns out, the owner was a local lady who kept the armor on her front porch. It had been stolen and, apparently, wound up at the bus shelter.

First, who the hell keeps armor on their porch? Don’t you know that shit can rust?

And second, why would you go to the major effort of stealing armor just to leave it at a bus shelter? I’m so confused.

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Her neighbors probably got tired of their neighbor having a tacky suit of armor on her porch, so they took it. Maybe they didn't have a car, so they were going to take it to the dump by bus, but then got tired of lugging it around... Hey, you come up with a better theory!

Too bad, the timing was almost perfect for an April Fool's prank.. I'd personally find it hilarious to see a knight waiting for the bus. Then again, I'm easily amused.

Oh, come on, its kids. i mean what do you say to your mom when she asks you where the hell you got that suit of armor? no choice but to ditch it, and a bus shelter is as funny as anywhere else