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Well you kinda have to be blind to eat at Taco Bell — I mean, have you actually seen the shit they slop into taco shell?

taco-bell.jpgA federal appeals court has suggested that the Americans with Disabilities Act just might require fastfood workers to be polite to the disabled. Last week, a federal court in NY overruled a lower ruling, saying that Alice Camarillo could sue various chains under the ADA. Camarillo, who’s legally blind, is suing Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Wendy’s, among others, because employees made fun of her when she asked for help reading the menu. Said the appeals court:

While restaurants are not necessarily required to have on hand large print menus that Camarillo would be able to read, they are required to ensure that their menu options are effectively communicated to individuals who, like Camarillo, are legally blind.

Seems reasonable enough. I mean, the poor lady is already dealing with the one-two punch of being legally blind and eating crappy fast-food. She doesn’t also need to be mocked for the whole thing.