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Barack Obama - Traffic Scofflaw!

barack-obama2.jpgDid you know that while he was living in Somerville (Somerville, represent!) and attending Harvard Law School, Barack racked up a strong 17 traffic violations, including seven in an eight-day stretch? And better yet, while this was from 1988 through 1991, he didn’t actually pay those violations until last year, almost two decades later.

My high-school buddy Dave Hoffman asks the valid question of “how did Obama pass his character and fitness evaluation,” when folks always say that past-due tickets are one of the big things that the Bar focuses on. Because if you didn’t pay a parking ticket when you were in college, you might not have the high moral fiber so many lawyers proudly share with the public each and every day.

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Well...if Barack Obama is going to be disqualified for unpaid parking tickets the nobody in the country would pass any litmus test.

Would something a little more useful like: "Does he actually have a workable agenda rather than just great sounding platitudes?" work a little better as a vote/no vote test?

Patrick McEvoy