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Well, Yeah: That’s About Right

villain_Mugger.jpgOnly in America can you run over someone else’s dog and sue them for damage to your car:

The driver of a car that struck and killed a dog in Minnesota is suing the dog’s owners for damage done to his vehicle. Jeffery Ely was driving near Duluth, Minnesota, on January 4th when Fester, a miniature pinscher, ran into the road. Ely’s 1997 Honda Civic struck Fester, killing the 5.8-kilogram dog instantly.

Next up: Muggers suing little old ladies when they strain their shoulders yanking said old ladies’ purses away.

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So I hate to sound like a jerk, but dogs should be kept on leashes or in yards. However, this is a case where I think they should let losses lie there they fall.

Seriously, what kind of damage could a dog that small have incurred? You'd think it would be nothing but a stain on the tires.

Not only America. When I lived in Japan there was a case where a semi driver stopped to take a nap in the middle of the night, without pulling over to a shoulder (this is pretty common) and turned his lights off. A guy on a motorcycle came along, couldn't see the truck in the dark before it was too late and was killed.

The trucking company sued the guy's family for damages to the truck.

And don't forget that dude in Italy? Spain? who sued the parents of the kid that he hit and KILLED for damage done to his car.