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Things not to do

mistakes.jpgDon’t grow marijuana in your house.

But if you are going to grow weed, try to keep it reasonable — don’t grow 65 plants.

But if you must grow 65 plants, at least keep your house secure.

But if you don’t keep your house secure, and shit gets stolen, don’t call the cops.

But if you must call the cops, don’t report the theft of the 65 plants, plus six pounds of weed, plus a shotgun, plus some other shit.

And definitely don’t call the cops when you have three outstanding felony warrants.

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Thanks for the advice! You keep me out of so much trouble, lol.

What an idiot!!

While I was clerking, my judge presided over a jury trial for theft under $500 and assault. The item theived? $200 worth of weed. Dude called the cops when his weed was stolen. He lied at first, saying it was cash, but it came out in the end. Jury convicted.