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Well sure, when you put it that way, maybe Australian football is better

australian-football.jpgThree men, an American and two Australian sailors, got into an argument over the merit of American football versus Australian football. This happened outside a party at 5 in the morning and the American got so hot and bothered about the whole thing that he threatened to kill the Australians.

The Australians say they were worried about him going to get a weapon, so they lept on him, hitting and kicking him, breaking his eye socket in the process. While the American was taken to the hospital, the two sailors were arrested and charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. And as the story explains: “the weapon being their feet.”

I mean, what the hell? Look, I love American football as much as anyone (and probably more than many) and would happily argue its merits over another country’s sport. But to the point of threatening to kill them, or beating them and busting their eye socket? Probably not. …Unless the argument was with a Dallas Cowboys fan. Man do I hate those pricks.

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....... their feet??

Though I know a couple of people who've had "with a deadly weapon" added to their charges simply by wearing steel-toes at the time of the offense (not even using them). I guess this shouldn't surprise me too much.