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Well, look — everyone needs a hobby

aphrodite.jpgSo I was in a partner’s office the other day when I got an e-mail from a reader (known to our Pajiba family as TWoP Fan) with the following headline as her subject line:

Pastor Arrested for Stealing Sex Toy

I mentioned it to the partner and we both chuckled. Then I clicked on this link to a blog post about it and read that it wasn’t simply a pastor stealing a dildo from a sex shop. No ma’am. Our friendly Pastor broke into a woman’s home, stealing her sex toy and some lub.

And then he broke his leg as he was fleeing!

I though this was funny but the partner, she damn near fell out of her chair. And I thought that was quite funny too, so thanks for that TWoP Fan.

As for this video, now why would your trust feel betrayed?