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The Daily Memo - 8/1/08

check.jpgHuh. I wonder if this program is why I’m getting to argue in front of the Ninth Circuit next week? Cause the case really doesn’t have any particularly novel issues… That is, unless one of the judges on my panel is reading this, in which case, I meant to say that it totally has a fuckton of novel issues. (Law.com)

…Can I say “fuckton” in court?

check.jpgSee? See! Y’all mock our liberal California courts. But if this paves the way to the end of fees for early termination of cell phone contracts, who will be mocking then? (LawInfo)

…What about “extraordinary nutsack?” Can I say that in court?

check.jpgJudge to White House: “Ahem. E-mails?” (the raw story)

check.jpg“President Bush signed into law on Wednesday a huge package of housing legislation.” …Heh. They said “package.” (The NY Times)

…Ok, well I can totally say “package.” I know that. “May it please the Court, I’d like to request that the lower judge be ordered to gnaw on my package.” …word.

check.jpgMan, I’ll never get over the fact that a famous judge’s name was Learned Hand. (Supreme Dicta)

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Seth, if you have any plan to say "fuckton" in Court, I expect you to post the hearing date and time, so I can personally witness the awesomeness of that moment.

"Learned Hand?" Wow. I can top that tho- I went to dance class with a girl who's last name was Butts. That's not the funny part- her mom's name was Gay.