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Well it was all good for two whole days, so that’s something

bluetooth.jpgOn July 1, we had a new law go into effect here in California requiring all drivers to use hands-free headsets for their cellphones while driving. I think it’s a relatively stupid law because: (i) it doesn’t prohibit texting or more dangerous uses of the phone; and (ii) to the extent that talking on the cell phone makes driving more dangerous, I kinda think it has to do with the driver being engaged in conversation, rather than being because they’re holding something to their ear. But whatever — the law’s the law. And it’s been advertised like a mother fucker the past few weeks, particularly with all the wireless providers capitalizing off of it to sell bluetooth headsets out the wazoo.

But I’ve seen plenty of folks ignoring the law, talking on the cell phones like normal, and it took all of two days before the new law led to a high speed chase — huzzah!

Officers attempted to pull over Richard Travers, 46, near Santa Monica Boulevard and Rexford Drive at 12:50 p.m. Wednesday because he was seen using a hand-held cell phone while driving. When police ran a check on the Ford Econoline’s license plate, they discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen, Beverly Hills police Lt. Tony Lee said.
When the officer approached the van, Travers took off, Lee said. The van went westbound on Santa Monica Boulevard at speeds up to 60 mph, crashing into one car in Beverly Hills, Lee said. Police were right behind the suspect as he continued westbound on Wilshire Boulevard, where he rear-ended another car in Westwood, Lee said.
No one was seriously injured in the crashes.
The suspect then got on the northbound 405 Freeway going the wrong way before pulling onto a freeway embankment. There, he tried unsuccessfully to carjack another vehicle, Lee said. The suspect then jumped over a fence and was arrested at Sawtelle Boulevard and Ohio Avenue by officers from the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles police departments and California Highway Patrol, Lee said.
Travers is facing charges of attempted carjacking, grand theft auto, felony possession of narcotics, hit-and-run, and felony evading, Lee said.

And here’s the kicker:

However, it is not expected he will be charged with breaking the new cell phone law.

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This is why, from now on, I'll just text while driving ;)