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Taking it to the streets

barack.jpgBarack Obama has posted a public statement of his position on the FISA legislation. As you know, this is the legislation dealing with all the warantless wiretapping shenanigans, and Obama has gotten some flack for supporting the recent compromise over the legislation, particularly because it still gives all the telecom companies immunity for any past bad acts they did.

The post makes for an interesting read and, while I’m not sure that I entirely agree with all of his reasoning, I gotta say that it’s refreshing as hell to actually have a politician lay his reasoning out. And even more refreshing to see that he put some actual thought and analysis into his decision. This is the primary reason I dig Barack — not because of his political stance on the issues (which I agree with his critics, to some extent, he hasn’t necessarily detailed as well as he could/should), but because the man can think and reason, allowing himself to be smart and rational in his decision making. To have something like that in the White House, well, it’d be a nice change of pace from the last eight years, don’t you think?

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The thinking and reasoning, I believe, is far more important than specific policy stances. I agree that one should basically agree with most of a candidate's ideas/leanings. But in the end, he'll be making more decisions than we'll ever know. And as such, it's important to understand that decision-making and thought process, to gauge what they'll do on issues we don't see highlighted in the news.

Aww. I like this picture. He looks like my dad back in the day the only thing missing is him leaning on his chevy.

Eh--Then why can't Obama actually come to a rational decision on abortion and the Second Amendment that doesn't involve him doing his best trout-on-a-beach impression?

The man IS a constitutional scholar--surely he can make a decision without flopping all over the place, right?