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Well he did manage his anger, just not necessarily in the preferred way

angerManagement.jpgThis is great:

A St. Paul man, on his way to anger management class, allegedly used his class papers to hit a man on a bus.

Justin Boudin actually used his anger management class materials to commit an assault! I wish I could make up such idiocy.

Seems that Boudin was at a bus stop when he got into an argument with several other waiting people. He got particularly hot at a 59-year-old woman and when she pulled out her cell phone after he yelled at her to show him some respect, he hit her, causing her to fall over. And then, when someone tried to help the lady up, Boudin hit that guy with a folder of his anger management class papers.

Boudin has been charged with felony assault, his third such charge in 18 months. Plus he’s got two domestic assault convictions. Here’s hoping he gets a slightly stiffer penalty than more anger management classes this time.