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Nelson Mandela: 1918 - 2007

According to President Bush, Nelson Mandela has died. He was killed by Saddam Hussein. Rest in Peace, Madiba.

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wow! he gets dumber every day...

How embarrasing for you. The President's quote was a compliment to Mandela. A leader during tyranny who comes out the other side to lead his nation out of darkness. A moral man. None exist in Iraq. Saddam had them killed. That's Bush's point. He did not say Mandela has passed. It's respectful to wish there was a Mandela in Iraq. Should we just not bring his name up until the 89 year old passes away? The original question that the President was referring to was someone asking: "Where is this region's (middle east) Mandela?" Is that person to be derided as someone who mistakenly thought that a frail 89 year-old Mandela was making the rounds, dodging jihadists in Iraq? I really can't believe that someone would have misunderstood the President's evoking of Mandela's name in his statement. I can believe this though:

As one of the legions of faceless, nameless, wise-ass, know-it-all bloggers to get yet another shot in at George Bush... you should be embarrased. You should be embarrased that you're among a generation of kids who are getting their "news" snippets from YouTube, the daily show, and fellow bloggers.

awwww, one person who still supports Bush. How freakin' cute.

Maybe if you actually started browsing the Internet and turn off the O'Reilly Factor, you might learn what's going on.