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Well … At Least He’s not Gay. Right?

capt.29498abd9e494c589f892e901fce1f1e.klaudt_rape_trial_pr101.jpgWith all the sexual scandals plaguing Republicans, the activities of a former South Dakota congressman are considerably more reprehensible than hookers (David Vitt), male prostitutes (Richard Curtis), bathroom blowjobs (Larry Craig), or even hitting on teenage pages (Mark Foley). Indeed, former two-term state representative Ted Klaudt was convicted today of raping his two former foster daughters.

With a speculum.

Here’s the deplorable rundown: The boombalatty there to your left basically conned his former foster daughters into letting him molest them by manufacturing a scheme in which he told the girls that he wanted to harvest their eggs, which would net them a hefty profit. For whatever reason, the girls — one of whom was also a page — believed him and allowed him, on several occasions (as many as 10 for one girl) to take them out to a Motel 6, where he conducted the “necessary examinations.” Said examinations involved touching their breasts and inserting a speculum in their vaginae to retrieve bodily fluids (and allegedly eggs), which he never sent off, anyway. When the girls cried out in pain, Representative Degenerate gave them a beer and told them to toughen up. Nice guy.

During the trial, Klaudt never denied the accusations. Instead (get this!), his lawyer argued that, because the girls were of the age of consent to donate eggs, the procedures were voluntary and consensual. “This was a despicable, terrible scheme he was perpetrating on these girls, but it was not forcible rape,” the lawyer said during his closing arguments.

The jury appropriately told Klaudt and his lawyer to go fuck themselves, convicting Klaudt on all four counts of rape. I understand that there are charges involving three other girls also pending.

If the Iraq war doesn’t kill the G.O.P., the sex scandals just may.

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Jesus H. Christ. I can't even call myself a moderate anymore, its too damn close to these assholes.

It's David VittER.