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Get! Down! Boogie-oogie-oogie!

205580.jpgA dentist in Syracuse, NY is getting sued because of a botched tooth extraction. Why did it go bad? The dentist was too busy jamming to the oldies.

A dentist at Syracuse Community Health Center, dancing to the song “Car Wash” while he was extracting a patient’s tooth, lost the inch-long drill bit, which punctured her sinus cavity and came to rest by her eye socket, according to her lawsuit.
Fanning spent three days at the hospital, with a steady drip of intravenous morphine.
Since the October 2004 surgery, Fanning has suffered facial swelling, nerve damage and has chronic infections because of the bacteria that seeped into her sinus cavity, she said.

Well, it could have been worse. The dentist could have been dancing to, say, “Popozao” or something. That would have been adding aural salt to the wound, so to say.

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"aural salt" is a stretch.