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Well at least he didn’t beat her

vomit.jpgGina Boyd was driving with her 3 year-old-daughter when things got bad. We’re talking little girl puking in in a Dodge Caravan bad. So Boyd understandably tried to rush home, making an illegal U-turn in the process.

A cop happened to see this and pulled her over. That part’s understandable. But when Boyd explained that the reason for the incident was the, you know, puking, the cop didn’t bat an eye and gave her a $123 citation anyway. Sympathy because she’s a stay-at-home mother of three whose husband is serving in Iraq right now? No sir.

A sheriff’s spokeswoman said that Boyd made an illegal turn and that’s that.

True enough, but I’ve been pulled over for speeding, which is just as illegal, and have gotten a simple warning on multiple occasions, because the cops have this thing called discretion. And in appropriate circumstances, they can, you know, use that discretion to be reasonable. But in Florida, reason was given up a long time ago, so I guess this shouldn’t surprise me.