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And the headline of the week award…

dont-be-a-wanker.jpg…Goes to “The Local,” which is “Sweden’s News in English.” The Swede’s, it would seem, have a very solid grasp on the English language, throwing this headline up, on Valentine’s Day of all days:

Police get a grip on serial masturbator

A woman found this dude yanking it in a stairwell and she called the cops. They showed up and arrested the naked man, and here’s the best part: he spent the 40 minute drive back to the police station continuing “with his manual labour.” One assume the cops got him to finally stop at the station, which is where they discovered that he’s known in the area “for holding his own in difference churches and other public places.”

First of all — god bless this man. I’m not sure that I could keep it up while in the back of a cop car in the first place but, if I could, I’m especially not sure I have the stamina or wherewithal to keep it going for 40 minutes. That’s some tantric Sting shit, right there.

Second off all, as much as I love the headline from The Local, I love the end of the actual html link to the story even better:


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I'll bet their English is good enough for them to avoid using an apostrophe in "Swede's"! Isn't there some kind of Murphy's Law about always making a mistake when you correct someone else's grammar or spelling? I wonder what mistake I'm making right now...