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Welcome to the Jungle Baby. You’re Gonna Die!

B0009X776I.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpgCan you imagine being a school teacher, hanging out in your classroom after hours, when suddenly you hear some crazed custodian scream over the loudspeaker, “You’re in the jungle baby. You’re going to die!”

Yeah, well, that’s what happened a Connecticut teacher, who mistook the custodian’s karaoke session over the school’s PA system as a threat to kill her. So, she barricaded herself in the classroom until police arrived. The cops subsequently handcuffed three teenagers, one of whom was the offending custodian, for around 15 minutes, until they figured out what the hell was going on. And then they all had a nice laugh.

You know, at least they weren’t singing, “Kokomo,” because, really, how haunting would that song sound as sung by a deranged teenager in an empty school? Sounds like a Richard Kelley movie. And personally, I just find it encouraging that teenagers in 2007 know the lyrics to a G n’ R song — maybe this generation is not a lost cause after all.