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Mr. Wiiiiiiiiiiilson

dennis-the-menace.jpgNBC Universal has been sued because Conan O’Brien and his filthy, filthy show turned their nasty gay humor gun onto some bodybuilding tool called Dennis “The Menace” James. The Menace is pissed of over a bit Conan did in December ‘05. As The Menace’s complaint puts it:

Conan O’Brien (“hereinafter O’Brien”) showed a Christmas Card which featured the face of 2003 American Idol runner-up, Clay Aiken, smiling on the right side of the card, and the phrase “All I want this year is a White Christmas” on a fold out flap on the left side of the card. O’Brien then opened the left side of the card to reveal the punch line, “…And a Black Body Builder,” above which was a photograph of Plaintiff posing at the 2004 IFBB Mr. Olympia Competition.”

In other words, a man who enjoys hanging around other buff men while greasing himself up is offended — outrageously distressed, I tells you! — over the implication not that he’s gay, but that he might be a lustful object to gay men. Yeah, that’s a real fucking insult.