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We’d rather have the lead, honestly

rg_bindeez_wideweb__470x415%2C0.jpgFirst, Chinese toys were found to contain lead. Now these toys from a company in Melbourne, Australia (again?) have been discovered to contain a chemical that, when metabolized by the human body, turns into GHB.

The toy is produced by Melbourne company Moose and won this year’s toy of the year award at the Melbourne Toy and Hobby Fair. Bindeez consists of colourful craft beads that are joined together to create designs. They are sprayed with water to fix them.
The company yesterday ordered a nationwide recall of the Chinese-made product, saying a chemical had been substituted without the company’s knowledge. The toy contains beads that have been found to contain a chemical that the body metabolises into gamma-hydroxy butyrate (GHB), also known as “grievous bodily harm”. It should instead contain a non-toxic glue.

So now children get to choose between cancerous poison or date rape for playtime fun! It’s almost like they have gotten used to not caring about quality over profit over there. But that cannot be true, can it? Of course, with the kind of thing that passes for fun for some teenagers in Melbourne, these toys may be right up their alley.

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Maybe parents need to have a talk to their kids about not accepting beads from shady guys at bars and frat parties, and to make sure they watch their beads being poured.