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Warning: Impending Pun Alert

15b70072bc_ltpbrad01092008.jpgListen, I am not a big sports guy. I have no idea what the big deal is. One thing I do know is that the name Tom Brady elicits very strong emotions in people, including the two proprietors of this site. So when I found this, I figured it was crazy enough to go here. Whatever flames of passion are ignited, I apologize in advance.

From BostonHerald.com:

To celebrate the team’s recent win against the New York Giants, Victor Thompson of Laconia, N.H., had the Patriots’ emblem tattooed on the left side of his shaved head - the first installment of an elaborate plan to turn his cranium into a replica of quarterback Tom Brady’s helmet.
“I’ve been thinking about doing this since I was 15,” Thompson, 39, said yesterday. “I think Tom Brady’s the best quaterback there is.”

I am really trying not to make the obvious joke here. Screw it:

“Talk about letting the game go to your HEAD! HAHAHA!!!!”

Shoot me.

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Wait. 39 minus 15...That's 24 years. He's been waiting to do this since Brady was SIX?? Now that's a fan.

As a person with a tattoo that will prevent numerous careers, at least this fool got it in a place that's easy to hide if he regrets it. All he needs to do is grow his hair out. It's better than a Mike Tyson style tattoo.