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Wang + Urinal Sensors = Not What You Think

mercedes.jpgIn Taiwan, Wang Chi-sheng was recently busted stealing a urinal sensor from the restroom of a closed gas station. The first question is, of course, why the hell Wang would want to steal a urinal sensor.

According to what he told the cops escorting him out of the gas station, he planned to use the sensor to test out some sort of design he has for improving his Mercedes. The cops laughed at this, and a local Mercedes technician says Wang’s plan was “unbelievable,” with a zero probability of success.

But the more important question here is, what in the hell is Wang doing in his car that he needs it custom fit with urinal sensors in the first place? Maybe he’s building a new version of K.I.T.T.

“Michael, I believe you are pissing yourself.”

…Actually, given Hasselhoff’s current condition of late, he very well might need a car to tell him when he’s pissing himself.