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Look ma - one hand!

chain-o-lakes.jpgLast week, a Florida man got himself good and drunk. And this Leroy Meredith, well, he knows how to have a good time when he’s three sheets to the wind — so he did what any good drunk Floridian does:

Titusville police said Leroy Meredith climbed a lookout tower in Chain of Lakes Park … he then took off all his clothes and began urinating.

But god bless Mr. Meredith — he kept drinking all the while, and was still tossing back the beer when the cops showed up.

Needless to say, Meredith has a fine indecent exposure charge coming his way, and probably some public drunkenness to top things off.

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I had my bags all packed and ready to move when I re-read the town name... boy am I disappointed