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Representative Dan Burton can suck a nut…if he bothers to show up

danBurton.jpgDan Burton is a Republican representative from Indianapolis. And he’s a son of bitch.

Last month he decided to play in a Palm Springs golf tournament and, as a result, missed 19 House votes. Nineteen. That’s over 25% of the total votes held last month, by the way. And he also missed hearings on Iran and North Korea. So, you know, at least he didn’t miss anything important.

The son of a bitch appeared on a local conservative radio station to apologize and explain himself. His excuse was that he made reservations to play in the tournament back when the Republicans still controlled the House, and he just didn’t think the Dems would schedule votes so early in January. “I probably made a mistake.”

Son of a bitch.

And the Indy Star concludes its article with this fun little state:

A review of House votes for the past decade shows the Indianapolis Republican has been absent every year votes coincided with the tournament: 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2001.

Which means Burton is a lying son of a bitch - if this wasn’t the first time he’s missed votes because of this tournament, could he really have been that surprised?

Ladies and gentlemen, your tax dollars hard at work as ever!