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Uhm, fuck you Google

google.jpgOk, so if you haven’t heard, Google has unleashed its own browser, Chrome, onto the world, in an effort to battle Internet Explorer and Firefox and move one step closer to world domination and entirely ubiquitous advertising. But the terms of service for this browser? Yikes. Mostly standard stuff. But then there’s the bit where Google tells you that it may automatically download and install updates. Now many programs give you this as an option, but you also have the fallback option to manually do updates. A computer nerd like me doesn’t like my programs automatically doing shit like this. No sir.

But here’s the big one: by “submitting, posting or displaying” any content with Chrome, you are automatically giving Google the right to use that content to promote its own services. So if I had posted this blog entry in Chrome, they could turn around and do whatever they’d like with the words I’m currently typing “to display, distribute and promote the[ir] services.” Of course, with a post title telling Google to fuck off, one doubts that they would be keen on using my words. But I can’t get behind the fact that they even have that option. So I’ll be sticking with Firefox, thank you kindly.

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I have been told that the big brother-ism is because Chrome is still in beta. They want to collect tons of data. The full release shouldn't be like that.

I believe something like that is also in the Myspace and YouTube terms of use?

That may be, Nerdy Laundry (I'm too lazy to check), but there's an important distinction. With MySpace or YouTube, that's a specific site you're going to and putting up some type of content. With Chrome, they're basically saying they can use anything that goes through their browser - your comment on this site, your updated MySpace profile, that e-mail you got from your father, etc.

Now I don't think they really have some nefarious plan. But that doesn't change the suck of this TOS.

Evil empire, folks. Evil empire.

I agree completely. FUCK GOOGLE.

google records every search ever. Everything you've searched for in google in their fucking 1984 big-brother database so they can sit on it and maybe sell it to advertising companies in a few years. But hell, I'm lazy and I still use it. So I guess we're all screwed, huh?