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Too Good … Can’t Resist … Force of Hilarity … Oh God …


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Can anyone tell me why it's wrong to burn, tear or soil the American flag, but it's okay to use one to cover up your junk?

Not being rhetorical here, I genuinely would like to know the rationale.

Please tell me that photoshop was involved. Please!

Kushiro -- good point!

I'm so disappointed that this is photoshopped. This is exactly how I imagine Mrs. Palin kicking back @ home with her family, after an exhausting day hunting polar bears, and planning the disassociation of Alaska.

Subjectively I'm with you, Kushiro. The technical reason is that that's not the American flag. The top is one element of the flag, the bottom is another element of it, but none of it is the entire flag. Everybody knows about the rules you mentioned, but the rules about where and how to display the flag are hilariously specific, to the point that almost everyone who displays a flag on their car to let you know that they're patriotic and you should be too is doing it incorrectly (the flag needs to be firmly affixed to the right front fender). There are even rules for patriotic bunting for the love of Mike.