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Two students enter, one student leaves!

thunderdome.jpgDonald Moten is the former principal of South Oak Cliff High, a Dallas high school. For two years, from 2003 through 2005, a 2008 report says that Moten arranged for student cage matches in a form of “gladiator-style entertainment.” Moten says it’s bullhonky: “That’s barbaric. You can’t do that at a high school. You can’t do that anywhere.”

(Clearly, Moten hasn’t heard of a little thing called Thunderdome!)

Moten retired last year, with no charges having been filed against him or anyone else over the years-long gladiating, depsite the report’s finding that many school employees knew about this and let the battles rage on.

Moral of the story? Texas approves of cage fighting. Which really isn’t a surprise if you’ve ever been to Texas.

(Hat tip: Megaera)

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Dare I say you wouldn't be the commie, pinko, liberal fag you are today if you had been raised in Texas?

Actually, if you'd ever seen South Oak Cliff High, you'd know that this is just what passes for gym class.

I got a brother, sister in law, and a very young niece living in Texas. Every time I visit, it just blows my mind how nice and social everyone is there. It is literally mind blowing how welcome Texans can make you feel...and yet, when it comes to religion, politics, drugs, gender roles, or homosexuality, they are freaking nuts. My brother is now planning on moving back east prior to my niece entering school since they are still trying to ban evolution in Texas.

Diablo's experience mimics my own. Individually, they are some of the nicest people you can find. Caring, kind, warm, etc. Empirically... They suck

As a born and raised Texan I feel obligated to respectfully disagree. Okay, yeah, we have our very vocal nuts... but we're getting better. Just come get a taste of Austin for the combination of southern hospitality and progressive left reasonableness.
Ahem, "Y'all".

M, even out here in the boonies (College Station), it is readily apparent that the nuts are the vocal minority. Texans may be wacky, but we're not Floridians, dammit. ;)

But ugh, I'm pretty sure that school is plagued with problems, I seem to recall them having a basketball title or two rescinded due to grade-fixing.

i love everything about this. i just can't stop the laughter.

my boyfriend asked me what i was laughing about and i told him and he said "that's not funny! were they low-functioning kids?!?"

...and that just made me laugh even more.

i don't care - funny is funny.