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I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough and, Doggone It, The Court Likes Me

stuart-smalley.jpgSo there’s still a little Senate race going on in Minnesota, even though the election was five months ago. Comedian Al Franken beat out incumbent Norm Coleman and Coleman didn’t take his loss siting down. Recounts and court challenges ensued, and they continue to ensue. The final vote tally has Franken leading by 225 votes, although there are still outstanding absentee ballots to be counted. Coleman was hoping to have about 1,400 of them recounted, with a chance for a come-from-behind win resulting.

However, following a seven-week trial, a court has now ruled that only 400 absentee ballots will be counted, meaning Coleman needs to have at least 313 of them go his way, something that’s not expected to happen as many of those ballots come from counties that Franken took significant wins in. Coleman will likely move things into the federal judiciary, and nobody knows exactly when this thing will be over for reals, but the signs continue to point to Franken being the next Minnesota Senator, sometime, somewhen.

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How much does it suck to be Minnesotan? First you get Jesse Ventura. Then a vengeful deity takes Paul Wellstone from you. Then you get Michelle Bachmann. And then despite voting for your candidate of choice you are deprived of representation in the Senate for way more time than is reasonable by any definition, leaving the Bachmann idiot as the standard bearer for the state.

At least we have Kloubachar. And I would hardly call Bachmann a standard-bearer. She's just the most insane person in the house or the senate, so she gets the most coverage.

Thank Christ Bachmann isn't the standard. And honestly I have my reservations about Franken, but he's loads better than stormin' Norm'n.

Franken can't win this thang--he wasn't in Predator.

While it's true that all of this stuff is going on in Minnesota, Texas still sucks.

And yet somehow Minnesotans keep re-electing Bachmann. Sigh.

The thing that really peeves me about Coleman in this whole mess is that when he was ahead by a tiny margin in the beginning, he said that Franken should just concede because it was the right thing to do. Minnesota law says that with such a small margin between votes, a recount HAD to be done. It was not Franken's choice to have a recount. Now that the recount has turned things in Franken's favor, (big surprise that DFL votes suddenly appeared that were missing before) Coleman is making this a big circus. I called it from the moment he made the comment about Franken conceding. I hate that cap-toothed weasel.

As for Bachmann, I desperately wanted to vote against her, but she only represents the 6th district. That constitutes of counties north of the Twin Cities. As a resident of St. paul, my hands were tied on that one. Representatives in the more populated Twin Cities are much more respectable, and I hate that Bachmann is still thought of by other people as one of my "representatives". I wish she would go away...

Maybe we could gerrymander her district to arrange for it to represent Texas. Cuz, ya know, Texas sucks.

Bill. Are you still on the force in E. Hanover. I've looked for you but never see you. Lynne