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TVs keep falling on my head

reaper.jpgA Texas man is suing Best Buy for the “willful, wanton, and reckless disregard for the safety and welfare of its customers.” The 27-year-old Sam Fisher alleges that he was in a Best Buy store when a 27-in television tumbled out of an employee’s hand, plonking Fisher on the head. Fisher says that Best Buy is guilty of gross negligence for failing to properly train its employees (and he’s not suing the employee, who was on a ladder, hoisting the television off of a high shelf, because he says the worker was just following store policies). Fisher’s lawsuit hasn’t stated the amount of money he’s seeking, but you can be sure it’ll be quite a hunk of change.

But he might want to do some more research, because in light of two new TV shows - “Chuck” and “Reaper” - one might wonder if there’s not more going on here. Maybe this was part of some super-secret spy mission. Or maybe the Devil did it. These days, you can’t just automatically assume the big-bad chain store is at fault, you know?