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Oh Larry, You’re a Jokester!

robbery1_wideweb__430x321.jpgIn Springfield, IL, a New Jersey man walked into a bank, picked up a withdrawal slip, and — after filling it out — handed it over to the teller. However, what the man didn’t realize was that the slip had “This is a stick-up” scribbled on the back of the note, nor did he know that the teller he handed the slip to had been robbed twice before. So, the man — who wore no mask, never covered his face, nor made any attempt to disguise himself — was a little surprised when he returned to his car and the police arrested him.

Fortunately, the matter was sorted out within a matter of minutes and the man was very understanding. And, to the person who thought it would be hilarious to write “this is a stick-up” on the back of that withdrawal slip: You’re a laugh riot! What a jokester! What a brilliant practical joke. You know what would’ve been even funnier!? If the teller had gotten frantic and the police officer on duty had a hair trigger, and the man got a bullet to the eye! How funny would’ve that been? Or maybe, during the ensuing melee, two other customers got killed when the man reached for his identification, the police thought he was reaching for a gun, and they unloaded a spray of gunfire. Ha!

You know what else would be a great practical joke?! How about loosening the top rung of a house ladder.

Of course, I’m not sure which shows poorer judgment: Writing “this is a stick-up” on a random withdrawal slip, or a used car lot advertising air conditioned cars with this catchy slogan: “Tired of the wet backs?”

People = Dumb.