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Today’s Story Brought to You By the Letter “D” for “Dirty”

dumpster.jpgUp in Canada, eh, a 30-year-old woman and her 26-year-old male friend were discovered by a police officer who had been called to the area because of suspicious activity. When he arrived, eh, he heard noises coming out of a nearby dumpster. He looked in and (likely after yelping something like “what’s this all aboot, buddy?”) found the couple naked and, uhm, coupling.

The woman was sent on her way, but the guy was arrested on some unrelated charge (unspecificied in the article, so probably some outstanding warrant or some souch).

When the man was later asked for a statement, he said, “I’m Oscar the Grouch and I fuck where I wants, son!”

(Hat tip to reader Kecia)

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Gives a whole new level of meaning to the word "kink". Thanks for making my flesh crawl.

Give us a break! Sometimes it gets cold up here and the heat provided by a decomposing midden heap is the perfect aphrodisiac.