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Today’s Lesson in Civic Duty

jury-duty.jpgLook people. I get it. Jury duty isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world. Some obnoxious-yet-boring lawyers blather endlessly to you about how this corporation did something bad but no wait a minute it was that corporation that was really the bad guy, don’t you know? A judge who looks as bored as you feel fights to stake away, managing to do little more than throw out an “overrulled” or “sustained” here and there. And the other people sitting in that jury box with you … holy hell, talk about a bunch of no good mouthbreathers. I get it. I hear ya.

And yet, simply walking away from jury duty, right in the middle of dutying, because you’re bored? Turns out, that’s going to be even worse for ya. Because now, you get to spend up to six months in jail, though you’ll probably get off just finishing your jury duty. So best case, you’re still gonna be a bored juror. Worst case, you’re going to be waaaaay more bored while sitting in the clink (unless another prisoner finds your lips luscious, and then you’ll be longing for the days when you were a bored juror).

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"stake away"? Ha!

Damn, that sound's so easy if you think about it.