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Their flappy-heads are flapping again

south-park-canadian.jpgYou know, I now see why the South Park movie tried to teach us to blame Canada. It was just a peremptory attack to Canada trying to blame “South Park:”

Two Calgary teenagers have been handed absolute discharges in an assault on a classmate on so-called ‘Kick a Ginger Day.’

Judge Lynn Cook-Stanhope said on Friday she was satisfied the teenagers had taken responsibility for their actions, and she saved her scathing remarks for the animated television show South Park, which she called a “vulgar, socially irreverent program that contributes nothing to society.”

Unfortunately, the writers and producers of the show will never be called to account for encouraging such action, the judge added.

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Totally unsurprising. I'm sure the said they were really sorry. Hell, here you can beat someone to death drown them in a slough and get sentenced to 15 years for manslaughter. Which in our legal system works out to about 8 years.

why haven't you guys been posting as much lately? It make me sad :(

We're busy beavers, snarla. Busy beavers, doing what we can.

In Soviet Canada, Canada blames *South Park*.

In fact, no episode of South Park features ginger kids getting actually beaten up, and no character has ever spoken the phrase "Kick a Ginger Day". So how can they blame the show when they weren't even imitating it in the first place?