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Today in Pretty Pictures

greenbergmccain05.jpgThe above photo actually comes from professional photographer Jill Greenburg, who was hired by The Atlantic to do a photoshoot of John McCain for the magazine. The magazine apparently vetted Greenburg the same way that McCain vetted Palin, which is to say: Not at all. Turns out, Greenburg is a rabid, foam-at-the-mouth libtard, and took pains to take as many unflattering photos of McCain as possible.

The complete array of shots, including the ones she photoshopped, can be found here. You gotta hand it to her, though — she’s got talent! But this sort of shitty behavior is not exactly keeping in line with the liberals’ claims to be the decent ones in this campaign. Then again, Greenburg — who is reveling in the way she tricked McCain into taking some of these photos — is actually calling The Atlantic the “irresponsible” party here for hiring her in the first place, given her political leanings.

She’s now shopping the more unflattering photos to a few liberal media outlets.

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wow. Those are extremely unflattering. McCain's an idiot though, I mean, who thinks a shot from below is going to look good?

Ugh... this is exactly why people hate liberals.

I am a mouthy, unrepentant liberal, and I think this is reprehensible. I have turned down several freelance jobs for political reasons. THAT's how you handle the situation. You do not sucker-punch a client, however much you disagree with their business or tactics. Just do not take the assignment.

Be an adult and have some goddam dignity.

Yeah, this makes Greenburg appear the more frightening of the two.

I've lost a lot of respect for McCain over the past few years, but not even he deserves this partisan loony attack.

I don't think what she did has anything to do with being liberal. She obviously has other issues that would allow her to act so distastefully unprofessional.

Not at all surprising. In politics, the party in power becomes intolerable and the party out of power becomes insane. Check, check.

Which ones were photoshopped?

Hey, if McCain actually looked like that, I'd vote for him. Vote for the Old White Shark Man in 2008.