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If Obama Won’t Hit Back Hard, At Least Someone Will

Remember the disgraceful ad that McCain ran (above), accusing him of teaching sex education to kindergartners.

Well, Planned Parenthood — of all people — has decided to take the gloves off and sucker punch McCain where it hurts. I hope this ad is actually aired somewhere.

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Hells yeah! It's obvious McCain is going to keep using these dirty rotten lying tactics--not that Obama should sink to that level, but I'm ecstatic that someone took the time to rebut.

Yeah! Somebody has to push back against this daily spew of BS from the Republicans, since the librul media isn't doing it.

It really bothers me that all the bull is what makes the election. I wish that we could move past all that, but I guess that'll never happen. I just want the election over so that conversation topics can move onto less polarizing things.