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Today in Presidential Polling

NEWSWEEK cover on Sarah Palin (Small).jpgIf you’re an Obama fan, I’ve either got decent news for you, or great news, depending on who you ask. If you ask Reuters/Zogby, Barack Obama has a two-point lead, nationally. 47-45. If you ask Gallup, however, Obama has an 11 point lead, 52 - 41, or his largest lead of the campaign.

What does this tell us? I dunno. But 538.com says that Obama has a 90 percent chance of winning. But it also says that daily tracking polls are moving toward McCain. So, hmmm. What’s the take home?

Beats me. But lookie here: Fox News is pissed because Newsweek neglected to airbrush Sarah Palin’s magazine cover.

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Poorly educated voters like McCain/Palin/Fox/Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

Liberal Democrats use their brains when they vote.


She's Joe Six Pack. I'm surprised she bothers to wear a suit to the debate let alone allow herself to be air-brushed for a magazine.

Is this really what the McCain campaign is going to focus on? Pathetic. The Republicans have been sore winners for the past eight years so now I guess we'll see what they're going to be like as the losers they've always been.

When my Newsweek came in this week. The first thing I said was, "Damn, someone needs a mustache wax!"

Why is she complaining? Airbrushing is for arugula eating liberals.

I can't see any difference. What's wrong with the picture?

Boy howdy! She sure does use a whole whack of Maybelline!

But I don't see a 'stache.

Seriously. Run an eyelash comb through those tarantula lashes. No need for all the clumping. And what is a conservative woman doing with so much eye makeup on anyway? My mom would say she's looks easy.

Ordinary woman going out every day don't get airbrushing. If Sarah Palin wants to claim she's "one of us," she doesn't get airbrushing, end of story. FOX should know that there has to be more to her than looks if she's going to be a good vice president, and this just shows their sexism. She's a politician, not a model.