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Today in Dead Cat News

300-p5098-20withplant071001.jpgIn furtherance of my New Year’s resolution to write as often as possible about meaningless news stories, here’s a doozy of a worthless story:

The first family leaving the White House this month will be without one of its longtime members: the Bush family’s 18-year-old cat has died.The first lady’s office said Monday that India, a black American shorthair named for former Texas Rangers player Ruben Sierra, died Sunday at the White House.
Bush daughter Barbara, then 9, named the cat “India” after Sierra, a former major league player, whose nickname was “El Indio.” President George W. Bush was a former co-owner of the Texas Rangers. When Bush daughters Barbara and Jenna went to college, the cat stayed at the White House with the president and first lady.
The family affectionately called the cat “Kitty.”

I just love that the Bush Family was creative enough to nickname their cat, “Kitty.” That’s genius — outside of the box awesome. Kitty! Those Bushes … subversive motherfuckers, aren’t they?

Man: Whatever happened to Ruben Sierra? I used to collect his rookie cards. Completely worthless.