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Show Me Your Nuts

Man, how bad is the recession? Even the squirrels are getting screwed:

An acorn shortage in Indiana’s woodlands has cut into squirrels’ chief food source and given hunters more chances to bag some of the furry rodents.
Biologists aren’t sure why oak trees produced so few nuts last fall.
But hunters are having a banner year at Indiana’s public hunting areas as squirrels are making themselves easier targets by foraging more boldly than usual in search of their favorite food.
Purdue University forestry professor Rob Swihart says that acorns are a staple for a whole array of animals. He predicts animal population declines in the next couple of years.
Biologists say acorn production is cyclical, but they also point to various weather factors, including a late freeze in 2007 that likely interrupted red oak acorn development.

Is this in any way legally related? No, but it did give me an opportunity to post a clip from the awesomely politically incorrect Kentucky Fried Movie.

And here’s another one for good measure:

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I think what I love best about this article is the fact that they're so nonchalant about people hunting squirrels. Fire up the grill, Ma! We're having squirrel tonight! Whenever I start to miss Indiana something like this pops up and I remember why I was so happy to leave.