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Today in Completely Pointless Laws

home2.jpgBoth the Alabama and Nevada legislators have apparently nuked the fridge:

In Alabama it is illegal to recommend shades of paint without a license. In Nevada it is illegal to move any large piece of furniture for purposes of design without a license. In fact, hundreds of people have been prosecuted in Alabama and Nevada for practicing “interior design” without a license. Getting a license is no easy task, typically requiring at least 4 years of education and 2 years of apprenticeship. Why do we need licenses laws for interior designers? According to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) because:
“Every decision an interior designer makes in one way or another affects the health, safety, and welfare of the public.”

Choosing paint color “affects the health, safety, and welfare of the public”? Really? Even more ridiculous? In Louisiana, apparently you need a license to do floral arrangements.

Of course, back in Arkansas, when we wanted to interior decorate, we just hired a couple of guys to roll over the mobile home a couple of times: Instant new floor arrangement!

(H/T Parissa!)

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California is considering similar legislation. On one hand, there are a bunch of hacks out there, but on the other, whatever happpened to "caveat emptor"?

this may be a way to regulate and keep phonies and scammers out of the profession, but it's also a way to keep out a a certain economic class from the profession...it is way too rigid and the argument that ones health is affected by this seems like some sort of Fung Shua(?) legitimation.

I'm glad we have all these industry lobbyists keeping the public safe from under-trained decorators.

Elle, you mean Feng Shui (wind & water)

This somewhat reminds me of the issues Minnesota had with 'African hair braiding versus licensed hairdressers' a year or three back. Should make for some interesting new laws, though.

Because Interior Design and Interior Decoration is not the same thing. In Canada to be an Licensed Interior Designer means that you have culpability in signing contract documents on properties over 5000 sq. ft. Which means if that shit collapses because of incorrect structural, you have someone who studied and takes licensing exams to make sure they are aware of current building code.

Way to entirely miss the point by trivializing it to paint color. I hope a fucking building collapses on you because of poor legislation in your state.

Karina, Christ, keep making that big of a fuss and you might fall off that pedestal.

I used to live in a gated community, and you had to submit any design plans that could be seen from the street to the Board of Directors to approve or disapprove. So, if they didn't like your paint color, then tough shit. They'd choose it for you.

Basically, anything not beige was rejected. It was a scary, scary community.